About the Conference

„Communication = Purpose & Profit“ or how to achieve greater financial and social effects through communication.

That is the main topic of Communication Summit 2018 – a common project of Blue Events and PIAF (Prague International Advertising Festival).

What is Communication Summit?

It is the biggest summit of senior managers in communication industry on the Czech market. It represents a new platform, where all parties meet together: both clients - representatives of companies and institutions, and representatives of the communications and marketing agencies. The atomization into individual communication disciplines (advertising, PR, digital, etc.) has already overcome. By joining forces (and communication silos) we can achieve a greater clarity and efficiency of communication.

What is it about?

Marketing communication is often perceived as a cost, while forgetting that the aim of effective communication is primarily to make a profit – financial and social.

Communication summit will therefore present case studies and tools that give communications the higher sense and social prestige (purpose) and at the same time guarantee clear results for the business (profit). Only if the purpose & profit are balanced, the communication can have long-term effects, understandable for customers and acceptable for company management.